Create a simple workflow

Before creating any workflow you should add an Agent. For more information on how to create/install/start an agent, please read Create, install and start an Agen

You can create an External Event (as any other Group, Task or Event) either by drag and drop from the Palette at right, or by using the appropriate contextual menus - New - in Repository Explorer. Either way an Event Editor will open.


For the External Event is enough to specify a name and then save.


Next, define a Group (drag and drop from the Palette's Containers/Group or use context menu in Repository Explorer). 


You can either make the External Event trigger the Group in the Group Editor by selecting it in the "Triggered by" section or by creating a Relationship arrow, using the Palette at right,  from the Event to the Group.


Several Tasks, in order to be executed, need a Configuration to be associated with them. Because we want to use here a Task Email, we should create a SMTP Configuration before creating the task. Otherwise when we'll create the task a dialog will appear to ask us to create the Configuration.


Now you can create a task in the group TG defined earlier. You have the same two ways of creating the task:

  • by dragging the desired task from Palette/Task in the TG group in diagram
  • by using the context menu (right click) on "Execution Unit/TG" in Repository Explorer and choosing "New/Email" because we will create a task Email:


In the task editor you will associate the already created SMTP Configuration with the task and fill in the specific fields for the Email Task (from, to, subject, etc.)

Also, don't forget to specify the Agent that will execute the task. If an Agent is not specified the task will finish with Bypassed and in the Error Log of the task, visible in UI's Instance View, is specified the reason for the Bypassed status.

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